Minha série fotográfica, capturada na Islândia em 2018, retrata a fusão do elemento espiritual humano na deslumbrante paisagem islandesa. O contraste da minha forma humana em meio ao poder bruto do ambiente criou uma atmosfera extraterrena, representando um marco significativo na minha jornada criativa. Apesar de enfrentar situações perigosas, a experiência foi inesquecível e valeu a pena cada segundo.
Photography series shot in Iceland in 2018 captures the merging of the human spirit element in the stunning Icelandic landscape. The contrast of the human form against the raw power of the environment creates an otherworldly atmosphere, representing a significant milestone in my creative journey. Despite facing dangerous situations, the experience was unforgettable and worth every second.
While Iceland's beauty is unparalleled, it also poses a significant challenge to even the most prepared adventurers. The snow, rain, and strong winds can be incredibly powerful and damaging, constantly testing the limits of human capability. During my time there, I faced some of the most dangerous and challenging situations I have ever encountered. I even found myself on the brink of death a few times, but the risk was worth every second.

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